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iOS Developer

San Francisco, CA

Tech, career and life in Silicon Valley

Fredrik Rosenquist

iOS Developer

San Francisco, CA

Tech, career and life in Silicon Valley

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How I use my iPhone on a daily basis

May 18, 2020 Personal, Work

My favourite apps for productivity

I use my iPhone a lot on the go. It’s a great productivity tool where you often store all of your valuable things. Your whole life is stored on the iPhone. Here are some of my apps I love.


The native GitHub app for iOS.

It’s free.


With Siri Shortcuts you make custom shortcuts for Siri. You drag and drops visual boxes to make “mini apps” and it’s perty much like coding but with boxes. You can find shortcuts in the gallery or on external sites like RoutineHub. Shortcuts is a very powerful tool but it has a very high learning curve.

The app is free.

Microsoft Office

Who’s better than Microsoft on productivity? All Office apps in one. Create Word documents, spreadsheets and presentations from one single app. Support for dark mode.

Price: Freemium. $59.99 per year or $9.99 a month.

Blink Shell

A Mosh, SSH and UNIX terminal. Unfortunately a high price but it has a lot of good features.

It costs $19.99.


A better Twitter client and it has timeline filters and iCloud sync.

It’s only $4.99.


Notes is a native iOS app and perfect for taking notes and it syncs with iCloud.

Of course its’s free.


They have a lot of courses like programming, often with good prices. You can read how it helped me here.

Microsoft Teams

Great for team communication and it’s a freemium service. Teams is pretty much like Slack, which I also use.

It’s free, but if you want all functions or if you’re an enterprise you have to pay $5/user and month as a part of Microsoft 365.


With Drafts you can create and edit actions. it’s a note taking app. Instead of tapping around other apps you can capture in Drafts first. It also has a Mac app.

It’s $19.99 per year or $1.99 a month.


A code editor with support for dark mode, Support for HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, Markdown, Objective-C, Swift, C++, PHP, Perl, Python, SQL, shell scripts and more. It has a javascript console.

Price is $9.99.


All your passwords in one place. A beautiful look and very intuitive. You can also use Two factor authentication with this app. It supports face id.

It also has an Mac app.

Price is $2.99 per month.


Perfect for programmers but it’s also good for usual use.

There is also an Mac app.

Price is $9.99.


A handy and beautiful calendar app, Fantastical syncs with your iCloud Calendar or Google Calendar. It also has weather forecast, tasks support and you can subscribe on different calendars.

It’s also available on the Mac App Store.

It’s freemium but if you want all functions you have to pay $39.99 yearly or $4.99 a month.